1. Way of Formation

2. Deuterocatechumenate

3. Participation

4. Guideposts

5. Diakonia

6. Formation in DC

7. Oasis Retreat

8. Charism of Encounter

9. The Tent of Meeting

10. The Rosary in the Light-Life Movement

11. Spontaneous Prayer

Spontaneous Prayer

God has offered to us some types of prayer as an occasion to unite with Him in community with other believers. Spontaneous prayer is one of such occasions.

It starts simply enough with a call to the Holy Spirit for His presence among us. He is to be the director of the meeting, we want to be subjected to Him. We do not prepare any speeches because this is what spontaneity means. Slowly, overcoming our fear of the others, we begin to pray aloud with our own words.

Spontaneous prayer may have various forms. We may start with praising God and then move on to thanksgiving, ask for forgiveness for our faults and end with intercessions. Sometimes short texts from the Bible may be read and help us in our prayer.

Why aloud? Will God not hear me if I pray silently? Of course He will. Spontaneous prayer is a gift but it is also a toil. I want to open myself completely to the Holy Spirit so I want to open my mouth too. I want to get rid of the fear of uttering my own prayers. One may paraphrase the words of Jesus “if I do not praise Him aloud, the stones will cry out”. Praying aloud may also influence others in a positive way.
Someone next to me may hear my prayer and join me in my intercessions or learn from me what to pray for. Further, if I have no idea what to pray for, it is enough to listen to those who stand next to me and join them in their prayers.

Spontaneous prayer is a gift also in another dimension. The Holy Spirit likes to take us by surprise. His works are more wonderful that we could have dreamt of. If I come to a prayer meeting and I engage wholeheartedly in prayer and open my heart completely to God will my Lord remain indifferent? Perhaps we will not see it immediately but during spontaneous prayer the Holy Spirit will endow us with some spiritual gifts. Those gifts may be the peace of heart or inner joy in spite of many difficulties. However that depends on the particular person, their attitude during prayer and on the will of God Himself.

It is important that the whole meeting be immersed in the atmosphere of deep faith that God speaks to His people and He hears all who agree to ask anything.
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