I am very grateful that I could finish all the three levels of the Light-Life retreat in Poland. I would like to thank our good God for doing so many things during these three years. Thanks, also, to all the people who helped us by enabling us to come to Poland and participate in the Oasis retreat.

This August, we participated in the 3rd level of the Oasis retreat. The theme was, “Listen to God in the Church.” It was held in Krakow. Like the retreats of the past two years, we had daily prayer, Holy Mass, daily group meetings, lectures, a singing workshop and a few other things; but this year we visited different churches, congregations, and religious organizations. We went out almost every day. I experienced the richness of ordinary people, religious sisters and brothers in congregations, and workers in different churches. Now, I want to do much more for our Church. I was always confused about what work I could possibly do for the Church. On the retreat, however, I realized that our Church is for all of us, and each one of us is both normal and special, and the work I am doing in our youth center now is extremely important for both our Church and for my own life. When I am aware that God has a beautiful plan for me, I am able to live a much better life, because there is no need to live for anything other than the Holy One. So whatever happens in my life, I am able to do my best and use the talents given by God to serve Him and serve the Church. At the same time, it makes me able to lead a boundless and joyful life.

During the last two years, we participated in the New Life Oasis 1st and 2nd level retreats in Krościenko, which is the center of the Light and Life Movement. Here I was able to experience the wonderful spirit of our founder and our movement. It is a historical and spiritual place. I cherished every moment in Krościenko, not only because of its beautiful landscapes but also because of its spiritual atmosphere. I love both Krościenko and Kracow. In Kracow we visited many different places; we got to know the Church and the typical culture of Kracow and Poland. The Church of Poland is truly alive. Anytime someone asks me the question, “Do you love Poland?” the answer is obvious. The question they should ask is, ‘Which country do you like best besides your own?’ Poland is truly a country filled with God’s grace. The people are kind and friendly; I feel peace and joy from God almost everywhere.

All the three levels of the retreat were very important for me, not only for my spiritual life but also for my human character. I have received some formation in our diocesan events, but it is different from the Oasis retreat. The Oasis is a true oasis where I can get enough water and food, which strengthens my life and gives me energy to go further.

To sum up, God is my Lord and Shepherd. He loves me, He saves me and protects me from danger and disaster, and I will dwell in God's temple and serve Him all of my life.

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