Fr. Zhu Xile

Fr. Zhu Xile

We are grateful for your help. Now the Church in Poland and the Church in Handan have many contacts and links. We thank you in particular for allowing us to participate in the Oasis retreat and for introducing us to the Light-Life Movement in Poland in August, 2009.

We are very pleased that we could finish the three levels of the Oasis retreat successfully, and that our spiritual life has improved. We will help promote the Light-Life Movement in China. We will do this because through the three levels of the training our own lives have changed. In the first year, I learned more about the meaning of the experience of faith, and learned how to truly accept the Lord Jesus as my Savior. I also experienced the importance of the Light-Life Movement. By the second year, through explaining the meaning of the sacraments, we experienced their sanctity and the grace derived from them. The theme of the third-level retreat was “Listening to God in the Church.” Through visiting many different churches and going on the religious pilgrimage to Krakow, we experienced the service of the Church and its significance in different countries.

At the same time, we have also seen the increasing influence of the Light-Life Movement on the Church in China. In 2009, the first year, 4 students from China participated in the Oasis retreat. The second year, the number increased to 6. This year, which is the third year of our being in the Light-Life Movement, we have 3 participants from China at the third level, and another Chinese priest with 4 religious sisters who study in Europe at the first level. The most exciting news is that the General Moderator of the Movement, Fr. Adam Wodarczyk, for the first time in the history of the Light-Life Movement, led a 7-member team that organized the Oasis Retreat for the Handan and Anyang diocese in China. There are 60 people from these diocese participating in the first level of the Oasis retreat. We plan to continue and develop the training of the retreat and the Light-Life Movement next year.

If it is possible, we hope that we can also participate in the animator’s training. Thank you for all your generous help!

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