Sharing and prayer helped me understand deeply that Jesus Christ the Savior and the hope for all people.. Although I follow Him firmly, I live in a world full of temptation. The attractions of the world disturb me and restrict my freedom. I live in extreme tension. I do not know what to do sometime. But, it is my God who gives me real happiness and peace and who is so patient with me. He leads me to “the Land of Canaan” step-by-step. These things allow me to see the care of our God.

Now, as I recall the experiences of my life, it does not matter if what is ahead are mountains or valleys. The Lord’s guidance and care are there for me. This is the only way to the “Land of Canaan.” It refines me, keeps my eyes open and makes me look at the world we live in as it really is. At the same time, knowing the Lord is guiding and protecting me gives me spiritual courage. Because of this new-found spiritual courage, I have come to understand human nature. Moreover, I am becoming open to the real me and accepting my weaknesses. The Lord’s guidance made me aware that there is only one God, the Father. I cannot depend on or put my faith in anyone else. This Father never requests anything from me and does not need any special things. The only thing he asks is that we accept the relationship-I am His child and He is my Father who offers me all I need. We also need to believe this Father alone can give us real happiness and satisfaction.

All this assured me that only in Jesus Christ, who is the foundation, can we stand firm and apply the talents that our Father has given us, in order to achieve a truly happy life. Facing many changes, I am convinced that God’s love for me will never change. Therefore, although I am in pain, I still have hope because I know that God is in charge of tomorrow. Nothing in the world can give me real peace and satisfaction.

Going along with that knowledge is the awareness of my mission. It is the motivating force to make me eager to commit myself and my family to Jesus Christ. I learned to bring the light of Christ to lives of the people who grope in painful darkness. I am willing to share hope with those who are depressed.

Jesus Christ is truly the universal Savior and a symbol of hope for all people. Here, I recognize the importance of Holy Mary guiding the Church and also my life. Many times in my prayer, Mary’s deeds touch me and teach me how to be a person who obeys the Lord’s plan. Now, I also recognize how to cooperate with Jesus by seeking the Lord’s rich and perfect plan. Full of hope and confidence, I believe the Lord must be with me in whatever I do. Mary impresses me most with her wisdom when listening to God’s plan for her and her courage to obey it. In the ordinary and trivial life, she remains happy and filled with hope. Now we are standing on the living stone, our Jesus Christ. I am full of hope that the torch of faith will illuminate our country and society again. I believe that the Holy Spirit will renew everything. I am full of hope for the future and trust in God’s mercy and Our Lady’s intercession to make everything thrive. I am full of hope for myself. I trust that God is always with me and that He wholeheartedly participates in my life.

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